Energy Overview

Energy Overview

Energy and Commercial Real Estate

In the United States, commercial buildings consume – and often waste – a huge amount of resources. While energy efficiency initiatives typically offer double-digit returns, the majority of building owners, property managers, and tenants haven’t yet taken action.

Buildings in the United States are responsible for:
Energy Consumption Electricity Consumption Waste Output CO2 Emissions Water Consumption
39% 74% 65% 39% 12%

Source: USGBC

Energy and Asset Performance

Historically, electricity prices have risen about 5% per year. Rising costs can erode corporate profits and depress real estate asset values. In a market defined by excess space, “energy hog” properties are certainly less attractive to tenants than green buildings, and present greater credit risks to lenders.

Boosting Financial Returns through Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Consider: for a building that trades at an 8% cap rate, every dollar of operating expense reduction adds $12.50 to the building value. Most commercial real estate buildings can save between 10-30% on energy expenses by changing behavior, improving maintenance, and making modest capital investments. Beyond energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy can further improve financial performance.

With over 2,000 time-sensitive federal, local, and utility incentives available to property owners, the time is right to explore your opportunities. Contact us to discuss options for your building.

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